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What is Comprehensive plan

These are main benefits of comprehensive plans :

  • These plans provide broad and flexible medical benefits .
  • These plans provides better financial protection to visitors if they get sick or get into accident.
  • Compherensive plans you pay %(percentage) of medical expance after deductible , most common is 80%-20% plans , where you pay 20% (after deductible) and insurance pays 80% .
  • These visitor insurance plans do no have fixed amount for each medical procedure ,like in limited coverage plans have.
  • Benefits for covered medical expenses go all the way up to the plan maximum (less deductible and co-insurance).
  • Comprehensive insurance are widely accepted by doctors and hospitals and have PPO network.

Typically for all covered medical expenses during the plan period the insured pays the deductible plus 20% of the first $5,000 in bills; and then the plan pays 100% of the eligible medical expenses up to the plan maximum. Some of these plans tend to have a minimal coverage for pre-existing conditions like $20K. These are a bit expensive but have better coverage for major catastrophic bills.

How Visitor Health Insurance Claim Process Works ?

To get visitor health insurance claim you can present the insurance card you received directly to healthcare provider and they would directly bill the healthcare provider , Insurance directly pays the healthcare provider. 

If in some cases healthcare provider may not accept the card in that case first you pay the provider  the medical expanse from your pocket and the you can submit claim to insurance company and they would reimburse the medical eligible medical expanse to you.

What is limited or fixed plans

Fixed Benefits also knows as Limited coverage plans have fixed benefit amount coverage for each madical service. These benefit limits are not the same as the plan medical maximum.

For example, a plan with a $50,000 maximum limit may have a maximum of $3000 for surgery, and a maximum of $500 for diagnostic services (X-rays, scans etc). These fixed limits for different situations are detailed in the plan brochure. The customer is required to pay an initial deductible for each injury or sickness and the plan pays for the rest of the covered expenses.These are the most affordable plans but usually recommended if family members are very healthy.

Which plans should I choose

Choosing plans for visotors can be tricky here are few questions which may help nerrow the selection

Decide plans to choose from :

Comprehensive plans(always better):

  • Parents age is above 55yr and are not in excellent health and have visited doctor within last two years
  • If Parents have pre-existing condition,its strongly recommended to get plans including pre-existing condition
  • Want coverage where insurance pays major percentage of total medical bill up to maximum limit,not fixed money for each service(limited plan)
  • Pay little more premium but peace of mind.

Limited of Fixed benefit plan(likelyhood if getting sick is very less):

  • Parents age is below 55yr and are in excellent health and have not visited doctor more then two years
  • Insurance would pay fixed amount per medical service , if bill is more then you have to pay from your pocket.
  • Have less premium them comprenhsive plans, so you save money upfront with limited-fixed plans.

How can I change plan after purchase

Cancelling Plan

Most of the visitors insurances are cancellable but there it depends when you are cancelling .

  • If you are cancelling before policy starts then you may get full refund.
  • If you are cancelling after policy started then you may get prorated refund (portion of remaining policy-duration).
  • Generally a cancellation fee which may apply ,its approximately $25 may very based on plan.

Notify us in advance if you are planning to change the visitor insurance coverage , it may take week to 10 days.

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